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Our Story

Brawn Capital seeks to accelerate the coming clean energy transformation by providing investors the transparency, risk management, compliance and operational controls that investors deserve and expect.  Our core values are reflected in our Risk Down approach for the investor. Infrastructure investments offer stable, long-term, and inflation protected returns to investors. 

This asset class is ideally suited for investors seeking opportunities with a low correlation to increasingly volatile equity and bond markets.

Superior risk adjusted returns are available in renewables today.  Brawn Capital was established to further accelerate the adoption of renewables by combining best in class asset management expertise with a singular focus on de-risking the asset class for the investor.

We are a private equity firm dedicated to funding renewable energies throughout Asia

Invest in a Renewable Future

"The transition to net zero requires annual investment in renewables in excess of US$760bn"

International Energy Agency: World Energy Outlook 2021

"Investment in renewable energy needs to triple by the end of the decade to put the world on a path to achieve net zero"

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), New Energy Outlook (NEO) 2021

360+ MW

Total Invested Projects in MWdc


22,300 tons

Amount of CO2 reduced per MWdc

8m tons

Amount of CO2 reduced from Brawn’s approved investment

Our Impact


Our company’s commitment to climate change mitigation and adaptation is implemented by investing in renewable energy infrastructure that will support society’s energy needs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conduct portfolio analysis in relation to a Paris aligned 1.5 degree scenario. Brawn’s investment ultimately accelerates the global shift towards clean energy transition and contributes to the decarbonization pathways of society in accordance with TCFD (Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) and article 8 of the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations). 

Brawn aims to create value for its stakeholders by ensuring transparency in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sectors.Our extensive sustainability related risk regulation and Environmental Management System (EMS) facilitate the creation of a product with a conscience.



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